MYSC is devoted to training both Small Sided and Entry Level Referees. Every year both courses are offered sometime between February and April with a minimal cost to the Referee.

Small Sided Game

This referee course is for young referees wanting to referee the U9-U10 age groups. At this level, the referee is to educate the young players and coaches as well as facilitate game play within the Laws of the Small Sided Game. There are no scores or standings for this age group and the emphasis is on Fun!

Entry Level Course

This referee Course is for our older referees wanting to referee/ assistant referee (lines) in the U12- U18 age groups. At this level, all FIFA Laws of the game apply. Please note that the U11/U12 age groups do not keep scores and standings. They play 9v9, however, follow all FIFA rules. The U13-U18 groups play an 11v11 format and the role of the referee is to ensure the Laws of the Game are followed and all players remain safe.

Game Leader Program

This is a new program introduced in 2016 by the Ontario Soccer Association. This is a coaching designation and all U7/U8 referees will be required to have this designation. This will encourage the overall enjoyment as well as learning of the sport.


Important News

On March 23rd, 2013, CSA Board of Directors approve the wearing of turbans, patkas and keski.

Other Referee Resources:
Laws of the Small Sided Game issued by the Ontario Soccer Association (OSA).
Coaching Material from the Professional Referee Organization (PRO)