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JDP/YDP Programs

MYSC offers Junior Development Programs (JDP), Youth Development Programs (YDP) and REP programs for our competitive players from U6-U21.

All programs are run under the leadership of our Technical Director and follow the Long Term Player Development (LTPD) model set up by the Canadian Soccer Association. These programs include skills training as well as competitive play.

MYSC is focused on developing all players to their full potential.

General Information

MYSC recognizes its role as a community club and because of this we are committed to offering soccer specific programming to players at all levels of the sport. The MYSC competitive division is committed to the development of top flight youth soccer players, participation is by invitation only.  MYSC’S ELITE ATHLETE COMMITMENT

As announced at the 2010 Annual General Meeting, the Milton Youth Soccer Club launched its development initiative to all players participating at the competitive level. This comprehensive club-managed initiative was designed to provide high level training by way of the “MYSC Elite Athlete Development Model”. The MYSC development Model utilizes standards mandated by the world's leading organizations in soccer including FIFA and UEFA in terms of participation and age specific training criteria. Elements of the competitive program include technical training, tactical training, strength and conditioning, agility and coordination and other development modalities and channels.The newly appointed MYSC technical department includes a staff that possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in the sport and will direct and administer all programming. The MYSC Elite Athlete Development Initiative is a response to a recognized need for this type of development structure for our most skilled athletes.MYSC is confident that this commitment to all players participating at the competitive level will ensure that MYSC is a leader in player development. 


Changes to be announced.


Each Competitive player is subject to a fee as determined by the Club.  This fee covers the cost of registration and league fees but does not cover other costs such as indoor facility rentals, etc.
Each Competitive player will need a Player Registration Card issued by the Ontario Soccer Association (OSA).  See Player Registration Book (link) for more details.