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MY Skilz Centre

Register for the next 14 Week Block Indoor starting in October and ending in January

U8 - U12 Boys

Division Birth Year
U10 Boys 2014 REGISTER NOW
U11 Boys 2013 REGISTER NOW
U12 Boys 2012 REGISTER NOW

U8 - U12 Girls

Division Birth Year
U8 Girls  2016 REGISTER NOW
U9 Girls  2015 REGISTER NOW
U10 Girls  2014 REGISTER NOW
U11 Girls  2013 REGISTER NOW
U12 Girls  2012 REGISTER NOW

MYSC Canada Soccer Skills Centre Program at a Glance

MYSC Skills Centre 14 Week Program

  • Two weekly training sessions + 1 Game every second week
  • Your child's schedule will be between Monday and Friday, 5 to 6 pm. 
  • Final Schedules will come out prior to program kick-off.

MYSC Skills Centre Pricing
$575 for the 14-week block. 

Registration Includes
a full kit. (Socks, Shorts, and Shirt) and Certificate of completion

Final location and schedule will be released prior to the start of the Skills Centre Block you have registered for. 

MY Skilz Centre


MY Skilz Centre is a skills development program for all U8-U12 kids to train and play under the Canada Soccer Skills Centre Model.  Players learn to think for themselves in training and games. They develop the game by continuously seeking to solve problems differently, as opposed to repeating solutions to problems again and again.



Playing with confidence has been defined as “the belief or degree of certainty individuals possess about their ability to be successful in sport”. 


An athlete leader in sport is defined as an individual who holds a formal or informal leadership role within a group of members in the pursuit of common objectives.


If there is quality in coaching, there is quality in learning. You will be inspired to be the best player in the group, you will be encouraged to excel, every time you come to play.


Confidence and Leadership are individual characteristics in soccer that are taught and learned. When these two characteristics are defined, quality is guaranteed to follow.

Why MY Skilz Centre?

All Program Curriculums are Designed & Supervised by a Canada Soccer National Children License Certified Instructor.

Children (U8 to U12) train and play under the Skills Centre Model by Canada Soccer. We have a strong understanding of the way children develop the game of soccer. Training and competition environments are designed for all players to enjoy, be happy, learn, play and thrive. 

Fun Learning
Every training session will resemble the game itself. The training environment is manipulated in a variety of ways, so that the end result is not only the development of the skills, but also all of the emergent behaviours associated in the performance environment. i.e. Creative thinking, problem solving, decision making, fun, enjoyment, plus the skill itself.

Meaningful Parent & Player Feedback
Through constant participation during Q & A, before, during or after activities and games, coaches learn from players, as players learn from coaches. There is always time during a 14 week training block, to deliver one on one player feedback. Player development is a process requiring constant and proper communication.
Parent feedback is given throughout the 14 week training block your child enrols in. The Coach will approach you individually.

Certified Coaches, Continual Training, Science & Experience
Transformational Coaching is applied, it’s our style of coaching. Players are encouraged to participate in the learning process and take leadership roles.
Coaches help players succeed, they lead by example, are respectful to everyone, and encourage leadership in all players. Our aim is to inspire all players to become better players, better people. This is not just a skill centre, it’s an experience like no other, teaching game skills, and leadership.


Training Environment

Develop your game pressure-free, and in the best training and playing environments, where the focus is on high contact with the ball. 

Competitive Environment

Have fun with friends, and play in the best playing formats as recommended by Canada Soccer, FIFA and UEFA. 

A Safe Environment

With zero tolerance for toxic coaching and sideline screaming, confidence, passion, and learning will take place.


If you are interested in attending the MYSC Canada Soccer Skills Centre, there are no limitations, restrictions or demands on player attendance. Soccer is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. At Milton Youth Soccer Club, we encourage all children to play, enjoy their childhood, and live a Happy & Healthy Youth. 

We encourage you to play as much soccer as you can. The whole idea of our existence is for your development. The more soccer you get, the better player you will be!

Zero Pressure Environment, No tryouts, no assessments. If there is a spot available, you're in! If several spots are available, play with your friends, and invite them to register!.