During the first weekend of April MYSC U13 and U14 girl’s teams ventured to West Virginia as a part of their high-performance stream spring protocols. This annual U13/14 trip signals the start of their 2017 Spring/summer campaign.

Players spent 3 days in the mountains of West Virginia lodged in 20 person sleeper cabins on the Olgebay resort. Their weekend was jam packed with team building activities, tactical soccer sessions, sessions run by college coaches, games against local high level teams and more.

The annual trip has become an anticipated part of the summer calendar not only for MYSC players and staff but for local college coaches who take the opportunity to participate in the spring camp and identify players for future squads says Director of Coaching and female program coordinator, Justin Vassallo. The trip is also an opportunity for players to get a taste of life at the next level after MYSC graduation.

This region of the country is home to over 70 NCAA post-secondary institutions within a 100 mile radius, It is a hot bed for female soccer, generally represented by a large number of team USA players. The area also has a long history for providing top flight female Canadian players the likes of Keisha Buchanan and Ashley Morrison the opportunity to play the sport they love at the collegiate level.

All parties involved are already anxiously awaiting next year's camp.

Stay tuned for more information as MYSC players travel to The University of West Virginia for their NCAA summer 4day camp in July.

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