Milton Youth Soccer Club provides ALL coaches with opportunity of further learning. We will also be hosting Coaching Development Clinics throughout the year.Experienced coaches/trainers are there to provide learning opportunities for new and seasoned coaches.

OSA Courses being provided by MYSC to our coaches and technical staff free of charge that will be coaching or moving up to these appropriate age groups

Course: Learn to Train (U9-U12)

Day 1 - Date & Time: TBD
Day 2 - Date & Time: TBD
Location: TBD

Course: Soccer For Life (U13+)

Day 1 - Date & Time: TBD
Day 2 - Date & Time: TBD
Location: TBD

Note: All coaches must have the online "Respect in Soccer" and the "Making Ethical Decisions" course. Refer to the below for more details on registering.

Registering for OSA Courses provided by MYSC

MYSC coaches are to go to to register.

2. Register - User name(email) and password
3. Search for the course they want, i.e. Learn to Train or Soccer For Life
4. Host - Milton Youth Soccer
5. The available course will be shown - select Register button
6. Enter information
7. Payment - MYSC coaches are paid for by the club. They are to select cheque as the payment option.
8. The office will confirm that they are current MYSC coaches and then they will be approved.