General Information

Please refer to MYSC Rules and Regulation section B regarding Playing Rules (House League).

The Referees are using the Laws of the Game as outlined by FIFA. However, some of these laws have been tailored to suit the age and maturity of our young players.  The Laws for MINI Soccer are set by the Ontario Soccer Association and certain leagues and club have what is referred to as local rules which are generally not approved by the govern bodies or referee associations.

Mini Fields (U5 to U7)

There are no standings kept for any of these games. Only one coach per team is allowed to be on the field during play.

Intermediate Fields (U8 to U10)

There are no standings kept for any of these games. No coaches are not allowed to be on the field during play.

Practice Fields

Any available green space is suitable as a practice field.  Game fields may be used provided there are no scheduled activities on those fields. A few of the game fields such Boyne, EC Drury, Lions 6, etc are scheduled for used by Rep or Select teams as practice fields.

Field Closure

The Town of Milton reserves the right to close any of the soccer fields.  Usually this occurs when there is a safety hazard with the field or else the field conditions are poor (due to rain). The Town notifies the Club and we, in turn, will post a notification on the web page.

No Show Referee

Allow the referees a 5 to 10 minute grace period and if after that time they are a no show, then the game must go on so please start your game. Ask a parent or parents (one for each half) to volunteer to referee the game. These game sheets will not need to be submitted.

Please report all missing referee to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Please include:
  1.  Date of game
  2.  Name of soccer field
  3.  Time of game

We appreciate your feedback, so that we can rectify this problem.

Referee's Call

If at any time during the game, if you are not sure of the call, please ask if there is ever any confusion, the referees are there to help. But remember to deal with our referees with respect and courtesy and accept that they may make a few mistakes along the way, just as players and coaches do. Please accept their decisions. Arguing with a referee does not provide a good example of sportsmanship for our kids. Nor does it do any good.  A referee's decision is final at any level, whether it is Milton House League or the FIFA World Cup.

Please keep in mind that these referees are just kids and they are still learning. For some of them, this may be their first year refereeing, so be patient and courteous. Some of these young refs may be refereeing in more than one division (ie U7, U8, etc). The rules are slightly different between some age groups, so it is easy for the referees to be confused, especially if there are switching age groups from week to week. 

On the Mini and Intermediate fields, there are no nets set up.  This makes the referee's job all the more difficult.  If the occasional mistake is made, please keep in mind that there are no standings in House League and that these games are just for fun.

The Referee reserves the right to cancel or suspend a game at any time if he/she judges playing conditions to be unsafe (ie lightning, flooded fields, etc).


Training Drills

The following are training profiles that as coaches we highly recommend that you incorporate into your training of your young players. This information was compiled by our talented technical staff namely Miles O'Connor and Paul Saliba.
Agility & Coordination Warm Up - Difficulty: Beginner
Agility & Coordination Warm Up - Difficulty: Moderate
Agility and Coordination Games
Passing and Receiving
Dribbling - Ball Manipulation
Dribbling - Changes of Direction
Numbers Game
Combination Play
1 vs 1 Defending
1 vs 1 Attacking with Speed
Weekly House League Skills program - Field Layout (All Ages)